Protecting Your Kindle

I last posted this tip in 2016, but with the millions of new Kindles purchased over the years I thought it a good time to post it again…


How are you protecting your Kindle?

I’m not talking about what I call the obvious – for example, not leaving it out on a table unattended or on your car seat where a person with sticky fingers can grab it and all of a sudden you have a Kindle that has legs. I am assuming you would guard it like you do your purse or wallet, a laptop or camera, or anything else you have several hundred dollars invested in.

What if you left your Kindle in a cab, plane, or just plain can’t remember where you left it? I like to assume there are more good people than bad in the world out there and someone would attempt to return it to you – would that someone know how to return it to you? I read an article a while ago posted online about how a reporter found a Kindle in a cab, and was only able to determine the owner’s name was John – that’s all.

You would hope someone would know how to check the settings and get your personal information, or maybe you have done something like put a label on the back with the way(s) to contact you. However, if a non-Kindle owner were to find it, they may not know how to check the settings, etc.

Is your contact information in the Kindle?

You could put a label with the same information on the back of your Kindle (I did for each one), as well as on the inside flap of the Kindle cover (if you have a cover) and a person could theoretically figure out who the owner was without knowing how to turn the thing on. I guess you could also get one of those engravers and engrave your information on the Kindle – but I wouldn’t recommend that as who knows what all of the vibration, etc., that occurs while etching the information will do to the Kindle’s computer insides: the last thing you want to do is “kill” your Kindle while trying to protect it!

Here’s a way to identify your Kindle to make it easier to be returned to you – for all Kindles including the Kindle Fire – and the only thing the “finder” has to do is power it up or activate the wake screen by opening up the cover: change the name of your Kindle.

For example, if I named mine “Michael’s Kindle” that will show up in the top left-hand corner of my Kindle or Kindle Fire when I turn it on and am at the Home screen. However, I’ve changed that to “Michael xxx-xxx-xxxx” where the X’s are my telephone number; if you do change it and have a cell phone and are worried about personal security, you may want to change it to your cell vs. your home telephone number. Seems like a simple solution to return what is yours!

Here is how you do it with an e-Ink Kindle (I just walked through the steps with my Kindle Oasis):

  1. Tap the top portion of your screen to show the menu options.
  2. Tap “Settings.”
  3. Tap “All Settings.”
  4. Tap “Your Account.”
  5. Tap “Device Name.”
  6. A new popup will appear, and you can edit the name. Tapping here will also display the keyboard.
  7. Type in what you want to name your Kindle and, when complete, tap the “Save” icon.


Here is how you do it for a Fire Tablet:

  1. Swipe down from the middle / top area of the screen to open up the menu items.
  2. Tap the “Settings” option.
  3. Under the “Device” menu, tap the “Device Options” line-item.
  4. Select the “Change Your Device Name” option.
  1. A popup for Device Name will appear and you will see what your Kindle is currently named (for example, Michael’s Kindle). Just use the keyboard to type in whatever you want, and click submit.  As I mentioned above, I did “Michael xxx-xxx-xxxx” where the X’s are my telephone number.
  2. Once you’re finished, tap select the “Save” option.


If you were unable to change the name of your Kindle or Fire Tablet using the above instructions, have multiple Kindles and want to manage the names at one time or place, here is how you can do it using your computer for any version of Kindle you have registered to your account:

  1. Using your web browser, go to the “Manage Your Content and Devices” page of the Amazon website at – you may need to log in with your Amazon email address and password to proceed past this screen.
  2. On the top part of the screen, select the “Devices” option.
  3. A new screen will appear, listing all of the registered Amazon devices on your account.  Select the “Fire Tablet” icon – or any of the types of Amazon devices – to open up a new screen.
  4. Select any of the devices listed
  5. Clicking one will open up a new page with the “Device Summary.”
  6. Click the “Edit” link to the right of the current name.
  7. Type in whatever name you want for your Fire Tablet, then click the “Save” icon.

You’re done! If, for example, you changed your Kindle’s name to “Michael 123-555-1212” that will now show up in the top left-hand corner of your Kindle on the next time it synchronizes with the Amazon server.

Hope that helps!