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One Last War

Author: C.G. Buswell

Genre: Suspense

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Book Description:

Think YOU have a nightmare neighbour?

Surely no one’s neighbour could be this vindictive over just a few birds?

Former special forces soldier Carl hopes to put his combat days behind him when he moves with his wife and young children to a peaceful Scottish village.

But his nightmare neighbour soon starts a battle of wits with him. Does this SAS Trooper have one more war left in him?

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About the Author:

C.G. Buswell is a former army Combat Medical Technician and Staff Nurse. During a posting to the Cambridge Military Hospital in Aldershot, he began hearing tales of the Grey Lady ghost. He worked on paediatric, intensive care, casualty, and medical wards there, but never saw her. He’d have broken the basic fitness tests running records if he had! He did, however, store this information away into his troubled mind, and wrote a series of books, in the Scarlet and Grey novels and short stories series, about military ghosts. The first of which was The Grey Lady Ghost of the Cambridge Military Hospital. If you love reading about the Napoleonic Wars, then you’ll love book two, The Drummer Boy, part set in Tidworth.

Chris has cared for many military heroes and the traumas he witnessed during his nursing and emergency care of them in life and death led him to develop military Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He writes about this too in his books. This form of mindfulness helps keep his demons at bay by inserting them into your Kindle!

Other postings in his career included the Field Surgical team in Belize, Akrotiri in Cyprus, and Haslar Hospital in Gosport.

Chris developed a love for writing during his 10-year service career and has had many articles published in journals like Professional Nurse, Nursing Standard, and the Nursing Times.

C.G. Buswell now writes full-time and lives in Boddam, Aberdeenshire with his Bravehound PTSD assistance dog Lyn, wife, fantails white doves, pigeons, and a tortoise.

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