Kindle in a Bathtub Follow-Up

Last week, I had a post about using your Kindle while in the bathtub – you can click here to read it again or in case you missed it – that generated several emails.

Most of the comments seemed to question my judgment / sanity, as they believe there is not enough electricity / juice in the Kindle to electrocute you in the event the Kindle does fall into the tub while you are in it; some people even said you were safe to lick the power terminals of the Kindle with your tongue and you would be ok (side note – I actually had that specific type of reply.  Nothing has ever made me want to stop what I was doing in my day to say “this seems like a great afternoon to go lick the electrical points on my Kindle.  Anyone want to come over and join me?”)

I will preface my next comment with the disclaimer I am not an electrician.  For all of you who said and emailed me it was perfectly ok to be in the tub while a powered-on Kindle was submerged with you, to each their own – but do you really want to test that theory with your life?

Have a great rest of your week-



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