Kindle Screen Freeze?

Have you ever had your Kindle (or Fire) screen “freeze” or become unresponsive? It can happen for a variety of reasons, but the probable cause is a low battery.

If this happens to you, try the simple step of plugging it into your charger for a few minutes; although it may sound obvious, please make sure the charging indicator light is on. That should do it but, if it doesn’t, there is one more thing you can do before you break down and either smack your Kindle or call Amazon’s Kindle Customer Service: try resetting it. To reset it at this point, slide (or press, as appropriate for your Kindle or Fire) and hold the power switch for 30 seconds or longer then release it.

Your Kindle should then spend a little bit of time resetting, and you should be back in business! If not, unfortunately, it is probably worth a call to Amazon’s Kindle Customer Service department.

A friend of mine’s Paperwhite recently had a screen freeze and it was fairly frustrating as she was in the middle of a book, and a simple reset as described above fixed the issue. Yes, I was the customer service phone call in this case….

Hope that helps!



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