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Braxton’s Century

Author: J.R, Strayve, Jr.

Genre: Action & Adventure

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Book Description:

Prince Braxton, the third son of the fictional Prince of Wales, defies society and rips free from the gilded cage that is his life. Brilliant, driven, courageous, and true-to-self, the young prince shocks the ruling classes to the cheers of the masses, shattering social norms and living his life on his own terms.

He surges onward across Europe. In this epic he defies the manipulative and dangerous Kaiser, soon shattering the German’s treacherous plans, confronting ruthless and murderous anarchists in Vienna.

Costumed as Mars, the God of War, Europe wonders how and why he compromises extravagantly costumed revelers during Carnivale in Venice? Can it possibly be true, what with the next day’s newspaper’s recount of debauchery and lascivious carousing? How? Why? Who is this God of Mars?

Follow an undaunted rakish young Prince Braxton in this first volume of four, blazing a sizzling trail spanning the 1860s to the 1960s, history’s most dynamic 100 years! A century of world wars, engineering marvels, romances defying social morays, death, revolutions, espionage, requited and unrequited love.

Flaunting extravagant literary license, the author replaces the Victorian royal family with one worthy of reigning over the world’s most powerful empire.

In this historical four-volume dystopia, Braxton charges full bore, building an economic empire spanning Europe, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, and the Americas. All this framed alongside wars, the Industrial Revolution, murder, assassinations, and fluid sexual assignations.

Ah yes, there is the Grand Duchess Valentina, the exotic, brilliant, captivating, and elusive czar’s daughter. Why does she deny him the key to the door that stands between him and his greatest prize?

Buckle up and dive into this saga, journeying alongside Braxton as he tears through life on his own terms, crafting history’s greatest century!

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About the Author:

J.R. Strayve, Jr. was born to a nomadic military family, attending nine schools before entering college. Following service in the United States Marine Corps, he raised a family. It is here that he discovered his talent for “spinning tales,” regaling his young children with spontaneous bedtime stories. His passion for history spoke to him. He spoke back and wrote the epic historical dystopic trilogy, Braxton’s Century.

You can visit his Amazon author page if you click here.

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