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The Bad Boys of the Bible

Author: Boomy Tokan

Genre: Non-Fiction

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Book Description:

(This is NOT a story book)

This is the sequel to “The Bad Girls Of The Bible”. I assure you that you are about to face some of the most horrific scenes in the Holy Book – The Bible.

Men who will stop at nothing to get their way. Evil men with unthinkable character traits that would make you cringe. You will be familiar with one or two but some are obscure.

Whatever you think of them; we can learn life lessons for the 21st Century.



-Chapter One: Doeg the Edomite – 1 Samuel 21:7, 22:6-23 & Psalm 52

-Chapter Two: Abimelech – Judges 9

-Chapter Three: Ziba – 2 Samuel 9, 16 & 19

-Chapter Four: Achan – Joshua 7

-Chapter Five: Judas Iscariot Luke 6:12-16!

-Chapter Six: Baanah and Recab – 2 Samuel 4

-Chapter Seven: Ananias and Sapphira – Acts 5

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About the Author:

Boomy Tokan (who writes Business & Christian Books) is the founder and business tutor of “Start Your Business in 30 Days” programme. His experience spans across practical involvement in business and training of more than 1000 Start Up Business owners.

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