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Black Widow Blues

Author: Jeffrey M. Anderson

Genre: Mystery

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Book Description:

Rock singer and improv investigator Jim Shalabon learns the hard way that, In Mexico, you cast a long shadow when you ask about the disappeared. It’s a shadow that passes over any number of street spies, hungry to sell the fact of his interest to the highest bidder. The buyer? The cartel behind the disappearance. Narcos who have a simple solution for a nosy investigator—bang.

What starts out as a favor for the missing woman’s daughter turns into a battle for survival when Jim is held captive at a remote desert rancho and engages in a battle of wits with its ruthless and complicated boss. A boss even more dangerous as his authority wanes and the wolves circle closer. Peril and treachery from within and without, survival in the balance, if only Jim can figure out how to escape and which direction holds the fewest bullets. That’s step one in his fight for survival. Because to find the disappeared it’s important not to become a statistic yourself.

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About the Author:

Jeffrey M. Anderson is an American writer based in London, England, where he writes to keep warm. Passion and energetic typing are key. Anderson was born in San Francisco and grew up across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Rafael. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara with a BA in Economics and a Minor in Russian Languages Anderson studied at a Russian institute in Paris where he traded metaphors with exiled Soviet poets. Since then he’s divided his time between California and Europe, travelling extensively in the latter.

When not writing Anderson enjoys live music, theater, London walks and riverside pubs. He lives with his wife and guitar in North London.

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