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Six – The Hameggattic Legacy, #1

Author: Robert Iannone

Genre: Science Fiction

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Book Description:

A millennium has passed since the reign of Eloise, the Last Queen of Aerianna. In the ensuing years, the Hameggattic Sisterhood, the organization she created, slowly faded away; now just a forgotten footnote in history. Even so, the world held true to her vision.

That was about to end. Inequality amongst the citizenry is growing. Those with wealth and power are on the cusp of creating a technology so enticing that no one would be able to resist. Once ensnared, the people of Aerianna, indeed of the entire Coven of Worlds, would become unwitting pawns in the creation of a galactic empire.

But a long-dead Queen was not about to let her legacy die nor abandon her people in their time of need.

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About the Author:

The law of unintended consequences. Years ago, my son who was then in 6th grade, wrote a short story. I enjoyed it so much that I turned it into a novel. I then wrote a sequel at the request of the kids who read the original story.

In the sequel I named a character for a neighbor’s 9 year old girl and said she was boy crazy. When her mother read the story to her she cried. She hated boys. I felt badly and asked what I might write about to make her smile. She said the girl, Eloise, liked to fly in her dreams.

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