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A Smile in One Eye: A Tear in the Other

Author: Ralph Webster

Genre: Memoir / Biography

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Book Description:

Lutheran by baptism – Jewish by blood – My father’s compelling Holocaust journey

Near the edge of the Baltic Sea, in a small East Prussian town, lives a happy, prosperous, and quite ordinary family. They are patriotic Germans, faithful Lutherans with three daughters and a son: chatty Trude, fearless Lotte, careful Ilse, and precocious Gerhard. The decade-older sisters treat their young brother as their little prince. He is the apple of his father’s eye. Then suddenly, one day in 1933, their world falls apart. They have been identified as Jews, a heritage never denied, but a religion never embraced.

Follow this chilling true story as they struggle to survive a Nazi regime intent on their extermination. Even those that manage to flee will find themselves without a home or country to call their own.

From Edinburgh to Shanghai, they will travel the world in search of a place where they belong. Author and historical chronicler Ralph Webster deftly connects their story and survival to the struggles modern refugees face every day. A Smile in One Eye: A Tear in the Other is not only a fascinating piece of history. It is a passionate call to protect and help the world’s refugees.

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About the Author:

Award winning author Ralph Webster received worldwide acclaim for his first book, A Smile in One Eye: A Tear in the Other, which tells the story of his father’s flight from the Holocaust. Voted by readers as a Goodreads 2016 Choice Awards Nominee for Best Memoir/Autobiography, A Smile in One Eye: A Tear in the Other, his second book, One More Moon, and now his third book, The Other Mrs. Samson, are proven book club selections for thought-provoking and engaging discussions. Whether in person or online, Ralph welcomes and values his exchanges with readers and makes every effort to participate in conversations about his books. Now retired, he lives with his wife, Ginger, on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the U.S.

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