Kindle Wi-Fi Setup

Wi-Fi Setup on Your Kindle

Sometimes, I am surprised at what questions I receive, but I take a step back and realize there are a lot of new Kindle owners out there who haven’t owned a Kindle (or may not be as up on technology) as long as some of the other Kindle owners have.

Let’s suppose for example you have, or are considering purchasing, a new Kindle that is WiFi only. Being WiFi only means (a) you are not able to connect to the Internet or Amazon’s services via the cellular network, and (b) you must have an active WiFi connection in order to access Amazon’s service. Sure, you can still download books to your Kindle via the USB cord, but you will need some type of over-the-air connection if you choose not to go the USB route.

If you don’t have a wireless system in your home and want one, it is fairly easy to do (if I can figure it out, anyone can). However, that is not the purpose of this post – if you don’t know how to do it I would recommend going to a Best Buy or similar store as they can help you out quickly.

If you have a wireless system setup in your home, or have access to one at work, Starbucks, etc. you can quickly setup your wireless connection to your WiFi Kindle; you can do the same if you have the new Kindle that has both wireless and WiFi – you will just need to establish the connection. Here is how I do it on my Kindle Paperwhite:

  • Press or tap the top portion of the screen to get to the main menu options.
  • Press the “Settings” option.
  • Press the “All Settings” option.
  • Press the “Wi-Fi & Bluetooth” option.
  • Select the “Wi-Fi Networks” option.
  • You will see a list of available WiFi networks. If you don’t, select the “rescan” option.
  • If you see the one you want – select it by tapping the name of it..
  • If it asks you for a password, enter it at that time. If, for example, you are at a Starbucks or other business that offers free Internet access and it still asks you for a password, ask one of the employees: I’m sure they will be happy to tell you (although you may have to purchase a cup of coffee or something).

Hope that helps!




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  1. Great tip, but I have a question about something else. Occasionally I get a book that is a pdf file and I want to read them on my kindle fire. I have downloaded them by my email but I don’t know where they go to after the download is done. What is the best way to do this please.