In Case of a Lost Kindle….

It’s been a while since I have sent out a tip – in this case, I didn’t think of this one but it was sent to me by long-time blog reader Penny Parker.  Here is what she had to say about how to protect your Kindle if it is lost or stolen where you can provide the information prominently with the hope that whoever finds it will consider returning it:

I created a “collection” called “00 please read this if you find this Kindle”. By putting “00” in the front of this title it will automatically go to the first item in the list of contents. Then I sent myself a personal document called “read this” to the email address for my Kindle Paperwhite and had it converted to Kindle format (by putting “convert” in the email subject line). The message simply said that I own this Kindle, my name, how to reach me by email or mobile phone, and that I would gladly pay a reward for its return. And I close with “thank you.”

Thank you, Penny for passing this on!  If you have a tip you think others would find helpful, please send it on to me (michael at fkbt dot com) and it may appear here on the blog!



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