So, who writes all of these posts to the blog? A gray-haired guy in Texas named Michael Gallagher who doesn’t blog full-time but blogs as a hobby.

The Kindle Books and Tips blog has a simple purpose: to provide an interactive blog where you will receive tips to maximize your Kindle experience, author interviews, articles from the author’s take on the eBook world, links to special and discounted Kindle books, and the heads-up on the numerous books, short stories, and more available to read (and listen to) on your Kindle for no charge from numerous sites in addition to Amazon.

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Since you’re reading the blog on the web, you don’t have to pay for anything – reading the blog is free, to keep in line with the theme of free Kindle book offers. Take a look around, read a few of the tips to maximize the use of your Kindle, and tell a few of your Kindle-owning friends about the site and let them take advantage of the free Kindle book offers, also.

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I am the author of several bestselling Kindle “how-to” guides, and my title Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them was the #1 Kindle reference guide for over two years, garnering #53 and #72 on the Top 100 Kindle bestseller lists of all Kindle books sold in 2010 and 2011, respectively.

You can check out my other best-selling Kindle titles in the Amazon Kindle store if you click here – I would really appreciate it if you bought a couple of them as I need all the help I can get to put food on the table!!

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