Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them

Today’s Featured Kindle Book of the Day is an update to the original book that started this whole blog thing for me, Free Kindle Books and How to Find Them, by yours truly. I updated this book with a new version and quietly released it last month.



One of the earlier versions of this book was in the Top 100 bestseller lists of all Kindle books sold for two years running, and it has been the #1 downloaded reference guide for several years running. After reading this book it is how many of you found your way to the blog.

So, what’s changed from the previous version? I’ve added several new resources that has some interesting content but, more important to most of you (based on the emails I’ve received), it also contains the huge list of links to the free content available on the Amazon website: I had to take that list down from the blog due to various Amazon changes last spring, but the list lives on in this book all sorted by genre in the Amazon Kindle storefront.

If you just opened up a new Kindle for Christmas, or maybe you’re a Kindle veteran, having access to this list will save you one heck of a lot more money than the cost of this book – if you literally downloaded every free Kindle book offered from the resources in this guide, you would literally have 3+ million books to read in a variety of genres!

Check it out, and I’d appreciate it if you considered purchasing it – heck, purchase it now and if you don’t like it Amazon will always give you a refund!

You can click here or type in into your web browser to see if this book is for you.

Thanks for your active participation with the blog, my family and I appreciate it!


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