A Rambling Blog Post

It’s time for another rambling blog post, usually these are where I have no set agenda before I start banging away at the keyboard…today that really isn’t true as I have just a couple of things I want to relay to you.  I am, however, typing off the cuff vs. working from an outline!


What I’m Reading Right Now

Right now, I am reading Triumph Over Calamity by C. Peaden, which is a short book about one of the families stranded on the Carnival ship out in the Gulf of Mexico two weeks ago.  It’s a short read, and a little choppy because it is basically a summary of a journal the author maintained while she was on the ship, but I am enjoying it and it is interesting.  I got it for free in the Amazon Kindle store on Tuesday, but as I type this post up I don’t know if it is still free.  You can check it out by clicking here or typing in http://smarturl.it/yl5415 into your web browser.


What Tomorrow Holds

If you missed the post I had over the weekend about upcoming changes to the blog, or care to slog through it again (only after a cup of coffee or something) you can click here or type in http://wp.me/p2b82w-453 into your web browser.

Let me clear up one misconception some of you have: I’m not going anywhere!

In other words, the blog is not going to automatically stop publishing but will still be here: there will be new posts, tips, free Kindle book offers to non-Amazon sites (yes, there is such a thing!), author interviews, even the return of giveaways after a four month or so absence.

I am, however, considering launching a subscription-only site that will focus on the Kindle book offerings from the Amazon store.  It wouldn’t be free to read, but if it does launch it would be a nominal subscription that you could read on your e-Ink Kindles (like many of you do now for 99 cents per month) and / or via email.  I’m not talking about big bucks here, but enough to cover the operating costs and make it worth a couple of hours of my time each day.

Yesterday, I put out a post asking you to take a quick two question survey that should take you all of 30 seconds start-to-finish to complete.  A little over 4,000 of you have done that so far and the responses have been favorable.  If you haven’t had a chance to register your opinion and / or vote, you can click here or type in https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/fkbt into your web browser to let me know your thoughts.  Your opinion matters to me, and there are no wrong answers!


The Big List of Free Book Links

In a post yesterday, I said I was going to take down the big list of free Kindle book links by category / genre today.  Let’s just say I was impressed – and surprised – at the number of people who hit that link in order to grab more Kindle books for free.  It actually set a new record for the number of page views to the blog’s website!

I’ll leave it up for one more day and take it down sometime tonight before I go to bed.  Don’t know where to find it?  Just click here or type in http://www.fkbooksandtips.com/free-book-links/ into your web browser!

By the way: as I type this up on Tuesday night for posting on a Wednesday morning, there are 6,882 non public domain books for free.



Baseball?  What does that have to do with a Kindle?  Absolutely nothing!  Spring training has started, I’m excited, but I will raise my hand and say I’m having a hard time with the player’s names – free agents switching teams, the youngsters trying to make the team, living in a city with the worst team in baseball (Astros) with no hope for several more years is a little frustrating.

However, that’s nothing that a ballpark hot dog, a bag of peanuts or sunflower seeds, and a large cold beer sitting in the stands can’t cure!

Have a great rest of the week-





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  1. Christy English Dixon says

    Thank you. For everything. I'm on my 3rd Kindle and no longer a novice but I would have been completely lost when I first started looking for things to read. Now it's a guilty pleasure… ok ok an addiction…. to check the free books every day and I just wanted to say Thank You.

  2. says

    Michael, why are you taking down the links? I wish you would leave them up, because they are really helpful. I love being able to click on one and just see books in the genre(s) I'm interested in, instead of having to slog through all 6000+ books to find the ones I'm interested in. I'm with you about Spring Training! Although the core of my team (Cincinnati Reds!!) is the same, learning the new names and faces can be a challenge. Can't wait for Opening Day!

  3. Vicki Cheney says

    It is a shame that this new policy is starting because I suspect that access to these authors through sites and blogs like yours has increased the authors' exposure and that people might be more inclined to buy other books by those authors after trying some. It has worked that way for me. I will buy no more than I do now and will just be annoyed at having to work harder at finding free and low-cost books that have been pre-screened. I am certain that I do not understand the change exactly, as I cannot figure out in what way the arrangement you have now harms Amazon.

  4. Carolyn J Barrie says

    Could you perhaps combine limited advertising with a 99 cent charge and make it? I think you would have a bigger audience at that price, which would increase advertising revenue. Just don't go overboard with the ads

  5. says

    What an appropriate book to be reading in light of Amazon's recent behavior. Thanks again for all you do, and keep your never-give-up attitude. I will continue to enjoy your blogs each day.

  6. Carolyn J Barrie says

    Copy and paste your favorite links to Favorites. Maybe that way your free books will not count against Michael's ratio. I have started writing down the books I want and going to Amazon's site to order. Hope that helps.

  7. says

    Thank you for giving us the ability to access these books. What ever you decide to do in the future, I wish you to best of luck. If a low subscription fee would help you maintain the site, I will be ready to sign up. All the best!

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