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Each day, Amazon offers a free Android App of the Day that could be a game, utility, or who knows? Each deal lasts for just 24 hours and, after that period is over it goes back to paid status and a new app is the App of the Day. In addition to your Kindle Fire, these apps will also work with your Android-based smartphones and tablet computers.

Today’s Free App of the Day is Italy Recipes from Italyum and this app is normally $4.82 in the Amazon App Store but is free for today only.


Here is the app’s description from the Amazon App Store website:

Mega HD recipe update. We’ve just updated the quality of every single photo (there are over 3000!) for perfect viewing on Android tablet and HD phone displays. In addition, we’ve added 20 new recipes, a Bakery section and “Top Tips” for cooking like an Italian.

Have you ever tasted Italian food that was so delicious, and wished you could cook it for yourself, friends and family? With the Italyum app, you can.

Authentic recipes – Detailed Descriptions – Photos for every step!

Over 120 recipes in the palm of your hand. Cook authentic Italian classic dishes with the help of your mobile or tablet with a full ingredients list, easy to follow photos and clear descriptions for every step.

Unlike many recipe apps, we research, write and photograph each recipe ourselves so you can be sure each one is detailed, accurate and unique.

Impress your friends and family by cooking delicious authentic Italian food including:

Bolognese (Ragu Alla Bolognese)
Cheese Focaccia
Stuffed Tomatoes
Home made Pizza
Seafood Risotto
Stuffed Roast Chicken
Piadina Romagnola
Gnocco Fritto
Fish Kebabs
Gratin of Mussels
Plaice with Potatoes
Seabream Cooked in Sea Salt
Linguine with Clams
Pasta with Garlic, Oil and Red Chilli
Parmigiana Risotto
Artichokes with Pancetta
Aubergine Parmigiana
Roast Potatoes Mediterranean Style
Sicilian Vegetable Stew
Panna Cotta
Tiramisù (Classic Recipe)

More recipes added to the app as we publish them without need to update your app.

Clear ingredients list for getting the right items at the shop.

“The risotto recipe is now legendary in our house” – Darren Pearce.

“YUM! THIS WAS GOOOOOD…” Ann Cuthbertson

“The cannoli siciliani recipe….I LOVE YOU guys !!!” – Renu Maria Pia Giaccone.

Italyum – (‘ital~yum’) – Delicious food or drink of Italian origin.

There is a simple understanding in Italy, that food and drink are not just a requirement of life, they enrich life. We have a simple mission at Italyum – to share that passion for fine food and drink, and to help you acquire the skills and knowledge to create your own authentic Italian cooking.

Yet authentic does not necessarily mean difficult. We guide you though the process of taking good quality, basic ingredients, to create your own Italian masterpiece. It’s the closest thing to alchemy we know, as you create delicious food using simple ingredients and the knowledge of generations of Italian cooks, knowledge that has inspired contemporary chefs like Jamie Oliver, James Martin and Gino DaCampo.

Our recipes are uniquely simple to follow with step by step pictorial guidance and expert descriptions from Federico. If you want a challenge however, you can find it here also – how about trying your hand at homemade tagliatelle?

In no time at all, even if you have limited cooking experience you will be creating really tasty and interesting meals that will impress your friends, and delight your taste buds.

The app is a small download despite having over 100 unique Italian recipes, because each recipe is downloaded as required. For this reason, the app requires an internet connection, either mobile or Wifi.

You can pick up your free copy of Italian Recipes from Italyum by clicking here or typing in into your web browser.

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