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By request, and the continuation of an informal series I have done for a few months now, I am going to highlight the free Kindle book offers in a specific genre. The next few paragraphs will be new to folks who have just discovered or have recently joined in to reading the blog, and for others it will look familiar…hold on for a few paragraphs as the details will be on your screen before you know it!

I’ve received a lot of requests to highlight more of one particular genre or another – let’s say that’s science fiction. On the other hand, as an example, I receive a lot of requests to decrease the exposure to science fiction and increase the exposure on mysteries and thrillers.

In other words, everyone has a different favorite genre – and that’s great!

In each post of the various free book offers I try to provide a variety of different genres, as I realize everyone has different tastes. While there are certain genres I love, I know there are folks out there who absolutely wouldn’t stand to read the kinds of books I enjoy; the opposite is also true, as I know there are those of you who absolutely love paranormal tales about vampires, especially if someone falls in love with a vampire – as one example – yet you would never catch me reading one of those.

For a new series of posts over the next few weeks, I’m just going to point you to the specific genre in the Amazon Kindle store where you can peruse to your heart’s content: some of the genres you may really like, and for the ones you don’t like rest assured there will always be another post down the road.

All that being said, today’s focus is the free Kindle book offerings in the Contemporary Fiction genre: as I type up this post on a Wednesday night for posting on a Thursday afternoon, there are just over 400 free Kindle books in the Contemporary Fiction category. I’ve created a special link where you can check out the listings of freebies in this category you can save to your web browser’s favorites / bookmarks as follows:

Click here or type in http://smarturl.it/kindlecontfiction into your web browser.

The number of books free in this (and any other) category change each hour and, just because you may click the link(s) above doesn’t mean each and every book listed will be free: if a price is showing, it may mean the price is (a) about to change to free and the Amazon server hasn’t caught up yet, (b) was free but is now back to “paid” status, or (c) any of 1,001 different reasons. The key thing to do is to carefully look at the price before you click the “buy” button on the Amazon website. I would recommend you change the sort on this page (look in the right-hand corner on the Amazon page) to sort by “Price: Low to High.”

This should keep you busy for a while, and I hope each of you have a great rest of your week as the weekend is almost here!



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    When you click on the link you gave it gives you a list of travel guides for free.. is this the new contemporary fiction?? lol.. i'm sure you'll fix it soon… thanks for all you do!!

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