Book Categories / Collections Available for Kindle Fire

Let’s call this Round II as the first-generation bugs have been resolved and the app is back available in the Amazon App Store…

Many people have asked me over the past year – including my own family – why I don’t read books very often on my Kindle Fire: I primarily read on my Kindle Keyboard or Kindle DX, although the Paperwhite is trying its best to take their places. The main reason was the Fire does not allow you to organize your books into genres / categories as all of the books are lumped together on one endless bookshelf after another on the carousel.

I’m not the only one who has a complaint or annoyance with this, as I can’t tell you how many discussion board rants and posts I have read of people wanting that functionality: it’s how I organize the 100+ books I have in my electronic “to be read” pile on my e-Ink Kindles and is something I consider a must-have with an e-Reader. I kept hoping Amazon would release a software update and implement the feature, especially with the new versions of the Fire that came out this past month, but they never did.

Well, I decided to bite the proverbial financial bullet and hired a group of talented app developers to design one for me –they came through, and now it is available in the Amazon App Store.

Right now, there are two versions of the app – one for the first and second generation Kindle Fire and another for the Kindle Fire HD.

You can check out the version for the “regular” Kindle Fire if you click here or type in into your web browser.


You can check out the version for the Kindle Fire HD if you click here or type in into your web browser.


What does the app do? It’s pretty straight-forward: the app will classify your books into your own categories and launch your book directly from the app so you can start reading. Here’s a look at how I have started to organize the “uncategorized” books on my Kindle Fire (there’s a lot of books to categorize on my Fire):



If you look at the picture, you’re able to see five categories I created, but if you were sitting in front of my Kindle Fire and swiped down the screen you would see others. The little icons on the shelf represent each book I have in a particular category – you can change the color of the book icon’s spine if you want if you want to further classify your category or if you want all of a particular category to be blue, red, green, etc. On my Kindle Keyboard there are 23 categories, and I imagine there will be something similar on my Kindle Fire HD when I am finished.


Moving books to categories is also easy – each book is initially put into an “Uncategorized” category until you tell the app where you would like for it to be placed. To move a particular book from the “Uncategorized” section, just tap the book’s icon and a new window like the one below will open:



From this screen, you would then tap the “Move to Category” line and put the book into whatever category you desire. Can’t make up your mind or decide where it should be? That’s okay – you can put a book in as many categories as you want. For example, I have many books categorized in both “Mystery” and “Thriller.” The key here is you as the user decide – not me or a random computer. If you change your mind on a category, or realize down the road you may have misspelled a category, you can either move the book to a different category or rename any of the categories.

Once you have created a category and put a book (or more) into it, you can check it out: the picture below is what I have started with the “Mystery” category on my Fire. I have a ways to go on finishing my uncategorized books!



Once you are in this category – or any other category within the app including the “Uncategorized” section – to get started reading just tap the icon of the book and the book will launch. And yes, for some of you who are wondering, while software limitations won’t bring them directly in to the app to look at, you can still see a book’s stock cover image once you launch the book!

I imagine my Fire will have a lot of books on it now, as I have a lot of things in the electronic “to be read” pile! In case I have too many to quickly find a particular author, title, etc., the app will sort them by various parameters like the author’s name or book title to minimize your time hunting and maximize your time reading.

Once you’ve finished reading for the day or that session, tap the middle of your Fire’s screen once to bring up the menu at the bottom: make a note of your location or page number then tap the back arrow one time. A dialog box will then open up where you can type in the location or page number. Going back to your category screen, you will see the last location you just input (see the screen above – they all say Location 1 because they have not been read on the Fire I used to take screenshots). That way, you will know where you are in the book while perusing your categories.

Why is that important? The Kindle reader, when launched from the app, automatically goes to the first page vs. going to the last page read: that’s a block with the Fire’s operating system the technical team couldn’t overcome (and they tried mightily). Now that you know what page / location you last read, when the book opens just drag the book progress / slider bar at the bottom of the book’s opening screen (it opens up automatically when you open the book or tap the middle of the book’s page on your Fire) and quickly go to your page.

One final thing: rather than having to open up a new web browser or use the free app for the blog to see the free book offers and tips, if you have an available Internet / Wi-Fi connection you can access it directly from your Fire. Just tap the “Free Kindle Books and Tips Blog” icon at the bottom of the category screen and you can grab the freebies right there.

I tried to make it simple in the design – one app to categorize and read books, as well as the same app to read the blog.

No, unlike most of my other offerings and the original app this one is not going to be free: I need to pay for the programmers (they don’t work cheap) and remember, I’m still trying to see if I can make blogging a full-time enterprise. I’ve initially priced it at what I think is both economical for the user without trying to gouge anyone as well as at a price point where I think there could be some nice sales volume that will allow me to make a profit after I pay the programmers, Amazon takes their percentage, and the US government takes what they believe is their fair share. At just $2.99, I hope you will give it a try and, if you do, I believe you will get a lot of value out of it!

If you do like it, I would appreciate a positive / favorable review on the Amazon website. If you think I missed something in the design or there is something wrong, please shoot me a note (michael at fkbooksandtips dot com) as the technical team and I are already compiling a list of future enhancements. If you had previously reviewed it with the old version of the app, please consider modifying your review.

Here are the links again:

You can check out the version for the “regular” Kindle Fire if you click here or type in into your web browser.


You can check out the version for the Kindle Fire HD if you click here or type in into your web browser.

If you have read this far, I appreciate it – thanks for sticking with me over the years! What started out as just a fun way to share the free Kindle books I heard or read about during the week with a handful of people a couple of years ago is slowly, but surely, growing and turning into something I hope can be a full-time job!

Best regards,

Michael Gallagher



Organize your books on your Kindle Fire with our updated Collections and Categories App! Click Here or type in into your web browser to get it now!


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  1. Stephanie Bridges Wallace says

    Hi, Michael! I love your blog and follow it every day even though I don't have a kindle, but hope to have one some day. Anyway, I love the idea of this app categorizing your kindle books and was just wishing there was some way I could do that last night. But in the description it only describes for use with Kindle's. Do you have an app that works for android devices or will this one work for android devices? I have a few android devices that I have the kindle app on and do a good bit of reading from these devices and would love to categorize my books in my kindle for android app. Thanks!

  2. Jon Van Keuren says

    This is something I would definately be interested in, an app for the Kindle app. Dunno if it's possible but if it is, I'd buy it. I really like the look of your "Collections and Categories for Kindle Fire".

  3. says

    I needed this app desperately because of all the good free books you offer. Since we "communicate" daily, I am confident that if there are any bugs, you will work them out and keep us informed of your progress.

  4. Denise Trewhella says

    Hi Michael! I wanted to write to address some issues I’m still having with your Collections app but first I wanted to say Thank You for giving us a way to sort our books since Amazon doesn’t seem to care what we want. It’s a shame we have to manually add & return to the last page we were reading but again, that’s not your fault. I bought the first version of your app even though so many people were giving it bad reviews…I knew you’d work them out. I now have version 2.1 and unfortunately some of the problems with the original version are still there. First, the force closing problem. For me, the only time the app force closes is when I hit the back button to return to Collections. It happens every time I try to go back to the app. It’s a little annoying but I simply open the app again from the carousel and it works fine. Second, the app is not adding some books and there’s no way to force it to. I have some books that were originally in PDF format that I converted with Calibre to work with my Kindle Fire reader. Your app will not recognize these converted books no matter what format I convert them to. Also, some books I downloaded from Amazon in Kindle format are being missed too. For me, this issue is worse than the force closing problem. Finally, I’d like to suggest some things for future updates. First, I’d like a way to add books manually to the app. Second, I’d like to be able to make sub-categories. Third, it would be nice to have some sort of “help” within the app. And lastly, although it’s not my biggest wish if there was a way to display the book covers within the categories and make it an option in the settings. Hopefully, someday someone will figure out a way to get around Amazon so that your app will automatically remember our place in the books we read but for now, I love your app and think it was money well spent!

  5. Nicole Cox says

    Hi Michael, I just purchased the book categories and collection apps for my kindle fire HD, but I can't find it on my kindle, it shows up in my history but I can't find it. Help please!

  6. Denise Trewhella says

    First one. What I do is open the app, click on your blog, click a free book to go to Amazon then click the back button to return to the app…that's when the app shuts down. So far, it's the only thing that causes the app to stop. Maybe it's's fault? 😉

  7. Denise Trewhella says

    I'm not really concerned with the closing but what's weird (to me anyway) is why the app missed a Kindle book I just downloaded from Amazon when it scanned…I downloaded 2 books and it found one but not the other and both are showing up on my Kindle…hmmm

  8. Teresa Napier says

    I so desperately need this! I want to use it on my Nexus 7 Tablet using the Kindle App. Please oh please — soon?

  9. Teresa Napier says

    Michael, wonder what would happen if I downloaded one of your current versions for Kindle Fire? Have you tried it? By the way, the UI is very cool

  10. says

    Hi: I just bought the Collections app yesterday and when I try to open it I keep getting a message Collections ( has stopped working. Please try again. I've tried about 6 times. I really want this app to organize my Kindle books. How can I get this to work?

  11. says

    Hi Michael, I like your blog and this app is very useful for kindle fire owners, but it wud be great if it also has a locking facility (a password protection) for a particular category of books. It would be a great feature as per my knowledge if it is possible.

  12. Brandy Francisco says

    I have the same problem with some converted books & some recently downloaded from Amazon books not showing up in the app. A manual add button would be a life saver!

  13. Shari Wilkerson says

    I love the book organizer but all of a sudden one day it had doubled every single book I had in there. So now all the newly added ones are in the

  14. Nancy Walker-Lenz says

    I found a new bug in the Collections. It has put duplicates of all my books in the uncategorized category. How do I get around this? I have to delete over 700 duplicates.

  15. Karen Johnson Elmendorf says

    I've been busy organizing and categorizing all my books — love the app and it is very easy to use. Is there a way to easily alphabetize the categories for quicker access?

  16. says

    Michael, I am incredibly grateful for you stepping up and delivering us an alternative to the KFD's app (that ALWAYS crashes, wipes data, etc., completely gave up on that one over the summer). As a program manager and engineer, I really do know how challenging it is to deploy a new application across multiple operating system versions. I'm totally roooting for you! (I posted a 4 star review under Joseph Cade, my hubby's login, on Amazon when v2.0.1 came out).

    My question is this: Right now, the app is running reasonably stably on my Fire HD. I have an occasional force close and that is it. When I downloaded 2.0.1 over 2.0, it actually duped my entire collection and I unwittingly told it yesl Lol. That was no big though, as I had not yet started porting into my categories – I just removed then reinstalled the app.

    So I now have a mostly-stable version, but I saw there is a 2.0.3 out now and am deeply torn about upgrading. Does it add new capability, or is there a way to have it NOT reimport duplicate entries? Since it's not a "3.X" version, normally that means its addressing minor bugs.

    What is your recommendation? And hang in there… as I said in my review, you have saved thousands of us, literally, THOUSANDS of dollars in books. We respect you. I may have recommended you do some free beta-testing for die-hards initially as Kindle's back-end database is clearly a mess to work with (or they would have included the feature, I shudder to ponder what's in that code), but will also cheerfully hang in there and support your dream of making this a F/T gig that feeds your family.

    Frankly, I think a lot of us would more than cheerfully pay extra since you have been personally investing (I hope you have been recouping the update costs) for a fully stabilized white box, black box, QA'd, and operationally-tested app with additional functionality. I certainly would. And I'd rather give you my $$ than KFD; they're great folks, but you have saved me far too much $$ to NOT want to work with ya! If I have no prob dropping $50 on an Xbox game or several hundred on productivity software on my PC, I sure as heck wouldn't whine about spending a few more dollars on added function I would deeply love on my Kindle HD so long as it did not undo my binning of titles to-date (you've given me hundreds of free books over the past year! <s>).

    Your advice would be appreciated re this update, and thanks! I can be reached at I looked high and low and couldn't find a private email address to ask you at, sorry for the public comment.

    If I may make one TEENY recommendation as a facilitator and manager? It may be awesomely helpful to consider using that awesome blog vehicle of yours to communicate updates and changes made, what the updates do, what's planned for future iterations (if anything), etc. You are a sole source provider as I had heard KFD has had to defer to the challenge that is the Kindle database and has no current plans to update their collection apps for HD, etc. It's just spaghetti code, apparently.

    Let people know proactively what's being worked on, etc. That transparency can go a VERY long way toward customer patience and earn you even MORE undying loyalty! :-) There's absolutely nothing wrong with having programming challenges and communicating them, especially when you have literally THOUSANDS of people that want you, personally, to see great success! :-) I think some of this feel like we're in this with you – not just because you're the basically the last gig in town to help the community with this, but also because I think a lot of us may feel like we have gotten to know you from your posts. You seem like a great guy who has a terrific family. We like ya, darnit. :-) You are doing what we'd all rather be doing! 😉

    I know its not my business, just kind of throwing it out there. I personally want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams by small way of payback for all you've done for us. And my bank account. And the exposure of so many new, wonderful writers that even a decade ago, they never could have dreamed of.

    Am now cheerfully going to start a thread on potential updates (added capability) once we've made you independently wealthy. 😉

    Happy turkey day!


  17. says

    Can you please describe what changes are in v2.0.3? When I downloaded the last update it doubled my library after rescanning everything, I am a bit hesitant to go there again unintentionally. :-) Thanks so much!

  18. says

    I am sorry to hear you are having trouble finding the app. With the wireless feature of your Kindle Fire turned on, you can see all of your app purchase if you do the following:

    • Tap the Apps tab.
    • Tap the “Cloud” icon

    You will then see all of the apps registered to your account that you have purchased from the Amazon App Store. To install the Collections and Categories app you have purchased, follow these steps:

    • Tap the “By Title” icon located directly under the “Cloud” and “Device” icons.
    • Scroll down until you see the icon titled “Collections.” Tap this icon.
    • A new window will open describing the app. Tap the “Install” icon.

    If you followed the above for this app (or any other app you may have purchased), the app will be installed on your Fire.

    Also, note Version 2.1.4 was released in the Amazon App store today (November 24th), and should solve issues some people were having as well as added some new functionality.

    It may take another 12 hours for all Fires to "see" the update as it is replicated across the network. If you have the automatic updates feature turned on your Fire, it should be updated automatically; if not, you will need to do it manually which is not too hard to do. Here is how you can do it manually once the update has replicated across the network:

    • Turn on your Kindle Fire, and make sure your wireless feature is on.

    • From the Home Screen, tap the “Apps” icon at the top of the screen.

    • Tap the “Store” icon in the upper right-hand portion of your screen.

    • Tap the menu icon at the bottom-center of your screen (it looks like a representation of a piece of paper to me, or a box with three horizontal lines).

    • Tap the “App Updates” option on the new pop-up menu. Who knows, you might be surprised at what apps have been updated and are available?

    • Tap the “Update” icon to the right of the app(s) you would like to update.

    • If the previous version of the app is still on your Fire, you should receive a warning message it can’t update unless you remove the previous version. To install the new version, you must remove the old version.

    Hope that helps!

  19. Mary Anne Hanlon Smith says

    I bought the app but it says that I have to go to the App store to get it? Don't you just have to buy it like you do other apps and it downloads to your kindle fire?

  20. Nancy Walker-Lenz says

    This is the update 2.1.4. There is a problem with it. It makes duplicates, triplicates, etc every-time it scans for new books.

  21. says

    Michael, I waited until now to get your lovely collections app and I'm so glad to have it. The feature is on my Kindle 3 and I got really spoiled by it. I like the app very much! I just spent the last 3 hours categorizing my books. Thank you and the creative team so very much. Number three daughter will love it, too, as she can now seperate her books from her little boys'. Hubs thinks it's a wonderful idea for his fire, also. Thank you thank you!

  22. says

    Hi Michael. I bought this as soon as it came out and love it. So worth the minimal cost. I'm wondering how I get the updates when they become available.are they automatic or do I need to do something. I have started to move some books but have so much more to do maybe after the holiday. Thanks for your time and all you do. Love love love your apps. Especially this one to organize my books. Hugs Pat

  23. Becka Carroll Foley says

    I have just recently found your blog and have fallen head over heels for it. The information you give is outstanding and now I can't go a day without it. THE BOOKSHELVE IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST. Thank you for having this developed for us to put our books where they can easily be found. Thank you again for all you do for your followers.

  24. says

    Thanks so much for your Blog and tips for new books and such. I want you to know that I have morning coffee with you every day.

    Though "Collections" app was quite quirky and difficult to use in the early stages of it's developmental proccess it appears as though the bugs have been effectively worked out. Thanks so much for all your effort. I love having the capability of catagorizing the hundreds of books on my Fire.

    Of course the coffee will be on the stove in the morning looking forward to my morning's cup o Joe with you.


    April Smith

  25. says

    I'm sorry to be a pain, but I do have the newest version of the book collections app. I still get the "forced closed" message. I really do want this app, it would be a great help, but it's just not working. I've followed all of the instructions.

  26. Craig Thompson says

    Just bought the app. Version 2.1.4 installed. The workaround of putting the last location number and total location/page numbers isn't working. Plus book mark function., accessing previous notes/highlights isn't working either. These problems aren't mentioned in the app description. I have an first genKindleFire. I suppose I could have bought the HDversion by mistake but I don't think so. The differences are not all that apparent in the store description. Any suggestions?

  27. says

    I really like your "Collections" I have finally figured out how to get everything working. Was having a "force close" issue yesterday, but working fine, today. Thank-you very much for making my kindle fire nearly perfect. I still think you need more available categories. Oh and something for organizing my apps,please. (I know, we are never completely happy. LOL)

  28. says

    I have tons of books, most were free from your listings. I needed a collection system on the new kindle fire 2nd gen I just received. This fit the bill perfectly, I have had no problems, other than a time or two it closed down. I love this app. I havent figured out how to move books from the uncategorized collection as multiple entries rather than 1 book at a time. But hey, I still love this thing and my next move is to leave a great review on amazon

  29. Tenea Jones says

    Hi Michael, I bought your app and thank you for taking the time to have it created. I am having some problems with the app, it keeps crashing when I try to organize my books on the shelf, is there any way to fix that? Thanks looking forward to hearing back from you!

  30. says


    Amazon released a new software update for the Fire, which made the app have some instabilities. A new version has been uploaded to the app store, and should replicate across the servers in the next 24 hours (it will be a free update for your Fire).

  31. says

    Amazon released a new software update for the Fire, which made the app have some instabilities. A new version has been uploaded to the app store, and should replicate across the servers in the next 24 hours (it will be a free update for your Fire).

  32. says

    Amazon released a new software update for the Fire, which made the app have some instabilities. A new version has been uploaded to the app store, and should replicate across the servers in the next 24 hours (it will be a free update for your Fire).

  33. says

    Amazon released a new software update for the Fire, which made the app have some instabilities. A new version has been uploaded to the app store, and should replicate across the servers in the next 24 hours (it will be a free update for your Fire).

  34. Mary Hazlett says

    I have a book I purchased from amazon which won't go into the collections app for fire hd. Since I'm anal, it is bugging me. Any idea why this might be happening? Otherwise, great app. I have created a "reading" shelf. I read a few different genres at a time and this allows me to know what I'm reading if I'm interrupted.


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