Refurbished Kindle Fire Back in Stock – Better Grab One Now!

Well, they’re back…refurbished Kindle Fires, that is!

Amazon ran out of the refurbished Kindle Fires pretty quick when they significantly discounted them, but many of you told me you were able to grab one (or more) of them before they ran out of stock – they looked brand new, came with the same warranty as a brand new Kindle Fire, and cost $30 less than a new one at just $169.

I don’t know how long this latest batch of refurbished Kindle Fires will last – and I really believe getting a tablet computer like this for just $169 is one heck of a bargain (compare that to $600 for the introductory iPad).  You can get yours if you click here or type in into your computer’s web browser.

Once you get the Fire, you can read this blog with our free app – you can get it if you click here or type in into your computer’s web browser.

Speaking of refurbished units, the refurbished Kindle 3, which is also known as the Kindle Keyboard, is also back in stock: this is the unit that has free international 3G wireless and does not include the special offers or screen saver advertisements. The refurbished K3 comes with a micro USB cord. Amazon has these refurbished units on sales for just $129, and you can click here or type in into your computer’s web browser to check it out – this one is a heck of a deal, also, as a similar unit costs $60 more at $189.

Many people ask me which one I prefer – like many other things, it depends. For reading, I prefer either my Kindle Keyboard or Kindle DX as I prefer reading on an eInk screen vs. a color screen: I read outside a lot and that is a better format.  However, I do use the Fire for entertainment (games, videos, etc).  My kids, on the other hand, have basically ditched the Kindle WiFi and are 100% on the Kindle Fire for reading, games, videos, you name it.  To each their own!

Have a great Wednesday-


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  1. Gail Telecky says

    Good Morning Michael,

    I was lucky to purchase a refurbished Kindle Fire via Amazon for $139. I love it. I prefer my Kindle for reading, thought I might pass my Kindle on to my granddaughter, but not ready to part with it. Thanks for keeping me informed of the free and discounted books. I look forward to your posts each day. Happy Easter.


  2. Bonny says

    I bought a refurbished Kindle Fire recently and can attest to the fact that it looked BRAND NEW when it arrived! I would definitely recommend purchasing one of the certified refurbished Fires – save the $30 on the Fire to pay for your cover and some books!!

  3. AHomeschoolMom says

    I can’t believe I just went and bought one of these! I was going to wait until next year, but could not resist! Thanks for posting :-)

    • says

      Free international 3G basically means you can take the Kindle anywhere in the world and, if there is a cell phone connection, your Kindle can access not only the Amazon Kindle store but can also surf the Internet with the Kindle’s experimental web browser. When I was in Mexico and the Caribbean over Christmas, it worked great!

  4. Kimberly Sparks - Katy,TX says

    Okay I know there is a better way to email you. I just haven’t got it. I know…I know you have put it out there. I am the person that does not do FACEBOOK. I keep up with my collections on my K3 because my Fire doesn’t have that yet. I see that I am not the only one missing that. I read 3-6 novels a week (because of you and your blog putting out there so many free books….it’s ALL YOUR FAULT! :-) This flaw of yours I do my best to over look in you daily….as I download books with a smile. Loving your new App by the way. Just was wondering…I know this time of year for you is very limited for other things. Have you turned any more
    pens? Or is it scroll saw you do? I have come across a blank that is white base with coffee beans in it. OMG…when you turn it it smells just like you just put coffee beans in a grinder. And you can get the kit where you can make a coffee scoop. My friends have gone crazy for their gifts of it! I guess this is a rambling for me today….see you are not the only one that does it (hahaha)! God bless you and your family…and have a Great Day. Hope you get off for Good Friday. I know when I worked (accounting) I never did. But if you do I hope you and family will have a nice 3 day weekend.

    • says

      Hi Kimberly-

      No, I haven’t turned many pens or done any scrolling in a while: the dust is collecting in my shop! I’ve turned a few coffee bean blanks friends had made, and they do smell good when you’re turning – haven’t seen one on a coffee scoop, although I’ve seen pictures of them. I need to add that to my ever-expanding “to do” list!

  5. Kimberly Sparks - Katy,TX says

    I know I just rambled on and on but I have a question? When I open up the new App instead of the Pulse App there is not a way to leave a response like there is here. Have I missed something on how to do it? I like using that App better than the Pulse App.

  6. says

    As the owner of both a new and a “Certified Refurbished” Kindle Fire, I can say from first-hand experience that the two are identical. I still read most ebooks on my old Kindle 2, but the Kindle Fire is a great tablet device for those times that we don’t want to use a computer.

    Michael, thanks for posting this, as this is the deal-breaker that some need.