Links to 22,000+ Free Kindle Books from Amazon Listed by Genre / Category

Today is just another one of those days….each day, there are a few hundred new books in the Kindle format offered for free on the Amazon website, primarily from independent authors. Today, there were a little over 650 – and with a new month rolling around, the total is pretty impressive with just over 22,000 free Kindle books in the Amazon Kindle store this morning!

You may also want something to do this weekend, say along the lines of checking out the various books that are being offered for free at any point in time in the Amazon Kindle store. I’ll show you some links on how to do that in a minute (many of you already know of these links).

For the past few weeks, there have been about 400 – 500 or so different free book offerings each day in the Amazon Kindle store as the many independent authors have been making their material free to you or Amazon is matching a free book promotion on a competing website. Sometimes these free book offers last for a couple of hours (or less) to weeks at a time. Please make sure you verify a book is free before you hit the “buy” button or your account will be charged!

Due to the number of free book offerings out there each day, I am unable to list out each and every one for you – I do try, however, to show you a selection of highly rated (at least 4 stars on the Amazon rating system) books in a couple of different genres for you to take a look at – but I do realize there are many times what I think might be interesting to you is not your cup of tea, or there may be times I miss telling you about a book that you absolutely have to have and read!

Here are some of the stats in the Amazon Kindle store; and the data was fresh this morning before I head off to work:

  • As I type this post this morning, there are exactly 6,254 free books that are “new” books and not considered classics or in the public domain.
  • Of those 8,061 books 3,948 are fiction and 2,415 are non-fiction.
  • There are 15,824 classic books available for free – the most popular title is The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, followed closely by Pride and Prejudice.
  • There are 104 books in the cooking, 536 in the fantasy, and 620 in the romance categories (just to rattle off a few) free books.

If my math is correct, that’s (only) 22,078 free Kindle books for you to peruse and potentially read on your Kindle just from the Amazon website: that might take you a while.

Here are the links again, and you may consider bookmarking some of these (I have) as the titles available change each hour. Please make sure you verify the price is still free before you click the “buy” button!

All Non-Public Domain Free books:



Advice & How-To: or

Arts & Entertainment: or

Biographies & Memoirs: or

Business & Investing: or

Children: or

Classic / Public Domain Books: or

Comics & Graphic Novels: or

Computers & Internet: or or

Cooking, Food, & Wine: or or or or



Humor: or

Lifestyle & Home: or

Literary Fiction: or

Mystery & Thrillers: or

Parenting & Families: or or

Politics & Current Events: or

Reference: or

Religion & Spirituality: or



Science Fiction: or



Clicking through all of these should keep you busy for a while.  I’d recommend you go to a computer to check all of these out, and save the links as bookmarks (that’s what I do).

Hope this helps!


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Soul of the Sea - Free from Amazon Kindle Store
Sacrifice - Free from Amazon Kindle Store


  1. Michelle says

    Always appreciate these links, Michael, and especially the awesome job you do on the site! Was wondering if there will ever be a “Young Adult / Teen” link populated?

  2. Genia says

    Michael, thank you for your daily free ebook suggestions. The links you have supplies in this posting will be a big help!

    thanks again.

  3. laura dandrea says

    Michael I wonted to say thank you. Im a new Kindle owner and still learning the ropes. I Subscribed to your blog three weeks ago and checked out a few others , yours is by far the best I have found. I have found and read books with you I otherwise would not have.

  4. peg says

    Michael, really enjoy your blog, and have found several really top notch books that I would never have read otherwise. I have recommended your site to a lot of folks – especially elders who could not afford the high cost of books. Thank you for all you do! Peg