A Rambling Kindle Blog Post (As Usual)

It has been a while since I’ve answered a few questions in a public forum, as well as ramble on about not much at all as I am prone to do.  It’s been kind of a crazy afternoon so far – my wife’s wallet was stolen at church this morning (of all places) and we’ve been dealing with the aftermath of cancelling credit cards, ordering new health insurance cards, etc. – I thought it a good time to relax and put this together.  If you would like to write to me, my new email address is michael at fkbooksandtips dot com (I write it that way in a small effort to avoid the spammers).

Notes and Clippings

Several people have written me to understand how you transfer over highlighted sections and notes or clippings from your Kindle to your computer.  It’s pretty simple, and it is the exact opposite of the instructions I’ve posted about a few times on how to transfer books from your computer to your Kindle (you can click here or type in http://bit.ly/roKqao into your computer’s web browser to read my free guide on how to transfer content to your computer.)

Using my trusty Kindle 3 / Kindle Keyboard as an example, here is how you transfer the clippings from your Kindle to your computer.

  • An obvious step is to make sure both your Kindle and your computer is on!
  • Pull out your micro USB cord that came with your Kindle – for you Kindle Fire users, you only received a charger and not a micro USB cord to transfer files back and forth between your computer and your Kindle: if you do not have one, a good (and cheaper) one can be found on the Amazon website at http://amzn.to/smallusb
  • Connect the small end of the micro USB cord into your Kindle, and the large end into the USB port on your computer; for your Kindle, it is the same port you use to charge up your Kindle.  If you are unsure where your USB port is on your computer, please consult your computer’s manual.
  • On my Windows-based computer, after connecting the two devices a new pop-up Window appears showing my Kindle as a new device and a few options: select the “Open folder to view files” option.  If a pop-up Window did not open up on your computer that is ok: you can open up “My Computer” to find it.  Double-click on the “Open folder to view files” option.
  • A directory of folders should now open up on your screen.  Select the “documents” folder by double-clicking on it.
  • This folder contains your books and your clippings that are stored on your Kindle.  If your Kindle is like mine, it has a lot of stuff in this folder and it may be hard to find things.  Your looking for the file called “My Clippings.txt” and you may want to sort this directory by name or by type: on my computer, I will click the “Name” or “Type” headers to resort it by name or file type, respectively.
  • Copy or cut and paste this file to any folder on your computer – I put mine in a folder I could remember in the “My Documents” section of my computer.
  • Disconnect your Kindle from your computer.  To open up the clippings you just copied over, you can double click it but, for me, I open it with Microsoft Word.


Other Ways to Download the Free Kindle Books

Here’s a way to download books I thought most of you knew…I was wrong.  Christine sent me an email reproduced below:

First I must say I treasure your blog as I live on disability income and love to read. I must use the Kindle now because of eye problems and the need for larger print. I was most concerned that I would not be able to afford the books but thanks to your blog my cup runneth over with reading material! I tell everyone about your blog and many have purchased a Kindle because of it!

One thing bothered me the however; the need to add the books from your blog to my Wish List and then have my daughter buy them and download them to my Kindle using her computer. Sometimes I missed out on them by time she could do this for me.

One day when your link didn’t work, I clicked on shop Kindle Store and typed in the title myself. That is when I discovered that by doing so I could buy the book and download it using only my Kindle. I can’t believe I wasted so much time (and my daughter’s) going the Wish List route for the past year!   I think your readers may appreciate knowing this can be done as I am sure I’m not the only one who is older and doesn’t have their own computer.

Thank you so much for your continued dedication to this blog. We are most grateful!

Christine M.

So, there you have it – yes, you can purchase books directly from your Kindle!
Renting Movies with your Kindle Fire

One thing I want to point out if you are renting movies from Amazon for your Kindle Fire – if you want to watch the movie later or, for example, are planning on watching the movie from a plane or not near a Wi-Fi connection, please make sure you choose the “Download” option and not the “Watch Now” option or you will be disappointed!

With “Watch Now” you basically need to be connected to a Wi-Fi connection while you are watching the movie; with “Download” you can watch it anytime you want during the rental period (rental periods vary for each movie, so make sure you read the instructions as listed for each title).

The same thing happened to my son yesterday – he received some Amazon gift cards for Christmas, and has been using the funds to make his own purchases.  He rented a movie to watch while he was sitting through one of his sister’s activities as well as to spend the hour or so he was in the car – he chose the “watch now” option, and was extremely mad when we got in the car and it stopped once we got out of the range of the Wi-Fi connection!


Other Blogs Posting Free Book Offers


There are many other blogs out there that inform their readers of free book offers in the Amazon Kindle store as well as non-Amazon sites, and I thank you for sticking with me.  I’ve received contrasting emails and contrasting reviews on the Amazon website from several people over the past couple of weeks that, overall, are kind of humorous.

Here’s a summary of one side of the spectrum:

Thanks for the free book notifications.  I’ve noticed <insert blog name here> seems to be copying you with listing the exact same titles, oftentimes sending out email notifications several hours after you do!  This is too much of a coincidence and these people are ripping you off!

Then, here’s another perspective:

I used to love your newsletter.  I would wait every morning for it to arrive, and found lots of good books to download over the last several months.  However, you appear to be copying <insert blog name here> who sent out an email post several hours before you did.  This is too much of a coincidence and you’re ripping these people off and I am cancelling my subscription!

On one hand, I guess a person could get perturbed with either one of those perspectives, but I don’t: with the plethora of free book offerings, oftentimes 500+ new free offerings to go through each morning, a lot of blog publishers are doing the same thing I am (or am I doing the same thing they are?) by focusing on those free books that are the most highly-rated in terms of customer reviews.  Some of these blogs really aren’t blogs as they send out computer-generated scripts of everything each morning – way before I wake up – and other blogs are  made up of people just like me: book lovers who are sending out posts of books they might enjoy and think other might enjoy, also.  Besides, waking up at 5:30 in the morning is about as early as I can wake up!

At the end of the day, there are only so many books offered for free on a given day that have a large number of 4 to 5 stars, and I’m going to continue to focus in on those offerings, as well as try to identify something that might not be as popular for you to try out and hopefully enjoy.   I’m 100% certain other blog publishers will continue to do the same thing.  Does that make me mad or bother me? Of course not!  I actually correspond with a lot of the “competitor” free Kindle book blog publishers, and they are some pretty nice and helpful men and women!

I just hope each of you find something new (for free), and hopefully I can differentiate a little bit with a few tips here and there as well as point you to some books you might not have found otherwise.

Anyway, looking at the word count this is a really long post for me – if you’ve read this far – whew!  Time to get back to dealing with the lost wallet!

Have a great rest of your weekend-


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  1. Donna says

    I am so sorry about your wife’s wallet, but it made me think about the fact that, because of the Adam and Eve “mishap”, we are all sinners and tempted every day. I hope the person will feel guilty enough to return the contents and ask forgiveness from your family and God. I hope you will keep us informed if that happens, as many of us are probably not only lovers your religious fiction, but prayer warriors in real time. :-)

    I just read another one of your wonderful blogs and lists!! I wanted to say I look so forward to them every day.

    This brings me to a question that others may want to be made aware of the answer, too. When we sign up for “Manage Subscriptions”, which time frame should I choose if I want to get your email ASAP, right after you email it?

    Thank you for all your efforts!

    • Michael Gallagher says

      Hi Donna-

      If you want to get the emails as the posts are done immediately, please make sure the option of “Immediate” on the Manage Subscriptions page is selected.

      Hope that helps!


  2. Reader says

    Michael –
    I’m one of those peple who check out ereaderiq almost every day. However, I continue to subscribe to your blog (sent to my KK) because there are days you find things I missed.
    I also appreciate your tips!

    Thank you for providing this service. I appreciate it.